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Ningbo Yatenkelieng Metal Products Co., Ltd. founded in 1999, is a production and sales of private limited liability company. Division I professional production of various specifications of stainless steel toilet, stainless steel stretching parts processing, stainless steel IBC tons of stainless steel products such as stainless steel, has experienced R & D technical strength. Products are widely used in decoration, pipe making, electronic, medical, equipment, textile machinery, chemical raw materials, stainless steel products, products strict implementation of international standards of GB4239-91. The material framework is mainly stainless steel sink and sheet metal processing, pressure vessel, such as the design and processing, as well as product turnover box with a variety of specifications, stainless steel tank (medicine tank...
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Quality Assurance
Products strictly implement the international GB4239-91 standard, many years of processing experience so that we produce all kinds of stainless steel products, the quality of a reliable guarantee...
Gold Service
We will for the first time with your contact determine the production plan, the timely completion of production tasks according to the quality and tracking to solve the problem of product after-sales...
Technology Development
The company has experienced R & D technology, research and development team are technology leader in the industry, the latest technology applied to the production...
Advanced Equipment
Company invested heavily in the introduction of the world's leading production lines, with the German import cutting machine and CNC punching machine, Japan CNC hydraulic bending machine ...
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